Session #6



This session/chapter will address the issue of balance and fleshing out W.H. Murray’s statement about  Commitment:

W.H. Murray – Commitment

There’s only one way to experience synchronicity like he speaks of and that is to be in the moment.


FIRST SECTION:  “Don’t Just Do Something – Sit there!”:

This session/chapter will address the need for reflection. Once again use John Dewey’s quote: “We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.”  This section could also be called “Synchronicities in Retrospect.


NOTE:  I made a note here to check the posts from Dec 18 – May 18 … Araby.  … “Gratitude Diary insights” – although I’m not sure right now what I meant by that.)

NOTE – February 27, 2017:  I was working on transferring these ideas from a draft on Meanderings when Shannon called from Siemper Virons a couple of hours ago.  Since then I’ve learned a lot about synchronicity … and about “cooperative components” … that show up along the way… (Like Kathy O’Hara … “More shall be revealed.)




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  1. [NOTE to SELF!!!]

    Having my car stolen and losing everything from the past sessions was certainly a “sign along the way”! (LOL!!!)

    Now stop looking back and move forward!!!!

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