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  • “Lists – and Lists of Lists”   – This session/chapter starts with a segue between managing stress and moving forward.  this part is about a tool I invented out of desperation when I felt overwhelmed by the number of “non-teaching” responsibilities I had to fulfill as a classroom teacher.  I pulled out a piece of paper and labeled it “THE LIST”… and got to almost 20 things that took time away from what I needed to accomplish with my kids before the end of the year.  That thought has evolved over the years and now I have so many lists that I now keep a list of all my lists ….  (Examples:  Someday Maybe List – I.C. List – Quest List – Gratitude Diary Lists – with cute “bullets”)

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  1. I’ve had a very difficult month … and have found that when I’m in a time of crisis I have to take life at the rate of about 15 minutes at a time. A “Day Plan” doesn’t work for me at all when things feel totally out of my control. This time around I focused on Step One … and thought about the article or blog post that I’ve always been planning to write. It’s called “The Way God Works in the World: ‘Nice Plan. Now I’ll Tell You What’s Really Going to Happen.”

    Just another way of saying … I am powerless …. but also a way of acknowledging that “Someone” else may have another idea about what’s best for me.

    So I played around with simply dividing a page on a legal pad into three columns … the two side ones “For Sure” and “Maybe” … and the middle one left blank to record what “really happened.”

    It’s working really well for me … right up until today which has almost felt magical ….

    I don’t like the way this site is working anymore … I used to be able to post a PDF and it would open right away. Now it downloads onto my computer. I DON”T want that to happen anymore because the PDF’S are copyrighted . So I’m going to start taking them down … and putting them directly into the “Book.” As that happens I’ll convert this site back to just an interactive blog …

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