Session #3


[Build on emotions listed in right-hand column on “Managing Complex Systemic Change” …. make the point that our bodies are complex systems that are changing all the time.]

BASIC TOOLS [Write short descriptions for each]

Emotional Ladder #1

Emotional Ladder #2



A Poem for Zoe

This was the first draft of A Poem for Olivia. It explains how I used the Emotional Ladder when I found out that Shannon was pregnant in January 2014.  That was when I first realized how powerful it is as a stress management tool.


Does “Dictionary of Misunderstood Terms” go here?  This is what causes stress in relationships … maybe in ALL relationships.  From the Tower of Babel on …

  • 11/17/16:  “Conversation”   (Hot Tub – Drain Wed – 8 days) / Keys: 4 sets … )



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